Thursday, October 20, 2016

Allison Schulnik

Semiotics for Beginners

SEMIOTICS (study of signs, logos, & and; pictograms) 
General theories of signs are called semioticsSemiotics is the investigation of apprehension,prediction and meaning: how it is that we apprehend the world, make predictions, and develop meaning. Chandler's book & web link above gives a very thorough overview of the study of signs & symbols and their use or interpretation. 

The Rhetoric of Image

ROLAND BARTHES IMAGE MISIC TEXT, ‘The Rhetoric of the Image’ 
The Three messages:
1st: LINGUISTIC / written language, caption, emblem, code What language? What is significant there?
2nd: ICONIC / pure image Denotation/connotation: Ask what are the signifiers (objects, props, etc.)? What are they denotation / connotating?
3rd: NON CODED ICONICMESSAGE / relation between signifiers

Panzanni Advertisement discussed in reading from Roland Barthes, IMAGE MISIC TEXT.
VIDEO: Barthes and a quick description of the deconstructive system

Monday, September 22, 2014

The Infinite in the Infinitesimal

July 15, 2009 
How is it that miniature works can express so much? For Suzanne Menghraj, an exhibition of tiny objects conjures thoughts of philosopher Gaston Bachelard, homes designed for low-emission living, dinner in a shed, and the infinite. READ MORE of The Infinite in the Infinitesimal.