Thursday, November 13, 2014

Student Projects

Minding Others Business

The Homeland:
I partnered with an ecology major, Maddy, to create a community art project on sustainability and recycling. This Northwest forest was made entirely from garbage and recyclable items donated by the students of SPU. We wanted to explore the idea a community interaction to create something beautiful from garbage. Together we created this enchanting northwest homeland.


In this project on the Signs of Mending, Kiersten and I had a great time brainstorming possibilities for what we could create. After much reminiscing on things back home, we felt like using the idea of Minnesota as a key identifier in who we are as our main inspiration was the right direction to head. Knowing that SPU had a pretty good population of students from the homeland of MN, we decided on the idea of "gifting" them with this postcard that was specifically directed towards them. Design of the postcard was especially important to me, so Kiersten and I pooled images we had of home and decided on this photograph from the lake I live on at home… A scene so familiar to anyone from MN. Clear information was key, so the outline of the state, the abbreviation and the area codes seemed to be all the information to catch the eye of someone who has lived there. I really thought the inter-activeness of this project was our main success… That for the project to work we needed participation. In sending out the email, addressing the post-cards, and setting up the blog we hoped that people would feel included and a sense of "oh…people here know about this too!". The idea of showing compassion through the "created space" even though it's on the web was a first for me… And allowing everyone to be on the same playing field, no one runs or directs this group, its a collaboration in the truest sense.
During class critique, I loved the comment Sarah made about possibly continuing this as some sort of scavenger hunt. That throughout the year we could place things around campus as small pieces of home… A reminder that this community that has been transplanted to the northwest is alive and well. There are things I wish could have been done differently, such as if we could have actually mailed the postcards to each person, I think that would have just been a bit better than the email with the poster? Overall however it has been interesting none the less to see what has happened. I have seen facebook conversations begun over "hey…I didn't know you were from MN." and actual connections made. And we even got a blog post! So we'll see what happens from here.

Monday, September 22, 2014

The Infinite in the Infinitesimal

July 15, 2009 
How is it that miniature works can express so much? For Suzanne Menghraj, an exhibition of tiny objects conjures thoughts of philosopher Gaston Bachelard, homes designed for low-emission living, dinner in a shed, and the infinite. READ MORE of The Infinite in the Infinitesimal.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Mike Kelley Retrospective

On view October 13, 2013 - February 2, 2014
at MoMA PS1

1) Mike Kelley, Deodorized Central Mass with Satellites. 1991/1999.
2) Mike Kelley, Switching Marys. 2004–2005. 

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Bansky Rides Again

New work by Banksy spotted in South Brooklyn. - More info, pics, and video @ Gothamist