Thursday, October 20, 2016

Allison Schulnik

Semiotics for Beginners

SEMIOTICS (study of signs, logos, & and; pictograms) 
General theories of signs are called semioticsSemiotics is the investigation of apprehension,prediction and meaning: how it is that we apprehend the world, make predictions, and develop meaning. Chandler's book & web link above gives a very thorough overview of the study of signs & symbols and their use or interpretation. 

The Rhetoric of Image

ROLAND BARTHES IMAGE MISIC TEXT, ‘The Rhetoric of the Image’ 
The Three messages:
1st: LINGUISTIC / written language, caption, emblem, code What language? What is significant there?
2nd: ICONIC / pure image Denotation/connotation: Ask what are the signifiers (objects, props, etc.)? What are they denotation / connotating?
3rd: NON CODED ICONICMESSAGE / relation between signifiers

Panzanni Advertisement discussed in reading from Roland Barthes, IMAGE MISIC TEXT.
VIDEO: Barthes and a quick description of the deconstructive system